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zimbraVARlogoZimbra Collaboration Server is the management system for email and collaboration suite most powerful open source available today .

Zimbra provides organizations with increased productivity with global address lists , shared calendars and contacts and document management on the web or offline with Zimbra Desktop.

Adds support for standard protocols ( IMAP/POP3 ) and allows the use of almost any desktop client or mobile device for greater flexibility for the end user .

A large community of IT experts, who are able to handle most of the technical issues , through support Zimbra Collaboration Server Open Source Edition .

Technical characteristics:

General :

Ability to share mail folders , contacts , calendars and files remotely .
Remote synchronization with mobile devices ( OTA without cables) for email, calendar and contacts . Platform ( BlackBerry , iPhone , Android , Symbian , Windows Mobile)
Multiple themes and skins to set the appearance of the system.
Global List (GAL ), which allows all users of the system can be connected between them without needing to be in the address book.
Possibility of adding external email accounts ( POP / IMAP)
Advanced search system to find anything on Global and quickly.
Multi language platform , with automatic correction in the desired language.
Full synchronization of mail, contacts and calendars with Google and Yahoo accounts ( Zimbra Desktop) .
Management of simple elements by dragging and dropping any item in the selected folder.
Accessories ( Zimlets ) with different functionalities, such as access to Google maps, instant translation of emails , access to external applications ( SugarCRM , Alfresco , WebEx , Asterisk , ProcessMaker … ) , notes to emails , mail folder backup , or access to social networks (Facebook , Twitter , Digg, … )
Import / export contacts, calendars and accounts.
Simple and very similar to other management systems use email .
Internal chat to communicate to different business users , support chats google and Yahoo .
Automatic import of all content, system folders and data from other mail systems (Outlook , Exchange , Lotus … )
Antispam and incorporated into the mail server antivirus .
Multiplatform system , either via web ( any browser, Zimbra Web Client version ) installed on your computer or with any (Windows , Mac or Linux, Zimbra Desktop version ) operating system
Email Management :

Support protocols POP3 and IMAP email through different user profiles ( to send and receive emails with different profiles).
Management shared mail folders , ability to share any mail folder with other users of the system.
Ease of creating folders by users and integrated management system of mail.
Using filters , search by recipient emails , advanced email .
Subscribe to RSS newsfeeds / ATOM
Synchronization via ACTIVESYNC
Contact management :

Ability to share contacts between different users of the company.
Advanced search contact . Ability to search emails from a contact.
Easily create contact folders , contacts and ability to move between folders manually.
Sync Contacts with images .
Compatible with CardDAV and ACTIVESYNC technology.
Ability to make public the agendas of contacts.
Managing calendars :

Multiple calendars, color coded . Resource management and locations.
Compatible with the CalDAV protocol, remote synchronization calendars ( google , yahoo , etc)
Synchronization via ACTIVESYNC
Ability to share calendars with different system users.
Ability to publish calendars in public, to hang on a website, sent to an external user, etc. .
Different calendar views, with ability to edit and move appointments manually.
Management tasks

Ability to create multiple tasks lists or folders to share with other users of the company.
Custom reminders for tasks.
Managing Files with the briefcase :

Powerful file management tool and Zimbra integrated into the system , which can store files of any type ( office documents , images , music, video , etc) documents.
Ability to share folders briefcases among enterprise users , or even external users so they can download public files via URL.
Creating documents, spreadsheets or presentations via the Zimbra Docs, exportable to any office automation system platform (MS Office , OpenOffice, Works … )
Ability to remotely access file folders through system folders windows , mac or linux . Utilizes webDAV

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