bProject is our project management system based on the powerful Collabtive, one of the solutions currently most popular open source system.

With bProject you can control your projects and tasks in an orderly manner, with up to four levels of control, multiple users, managing files, messages, or even time control and reporting.

Keep your projects in line with Collabtive bProject and accessing via web or mobile version anywhere, so you do not miss a minute of your time and can more efficiently manage their teams.

Via web

With bProject can be accessed anywhere and at any time in its project management system, without having to maintain a dedicated server in its own infrastructure, and scaling their solution to the users need to have space or projects.


Comprehensive Management Project

You can manage all aspects of their projects, tasks, milestones, time control, gantt, through its intuitive interfacing collaborative working, allowing you to see on a single screen the current project status, and control des time spent until the planned implementation schedule.

escritorio_ collabtive

Task List

You can control up to four levels in their projects:

You can control your entire project premier
Divide your projects into different milestones to better segment their tasks
Group your tasks into different lists that allow you to better control the outcome of the project
You can manage as many tasks as you want, assign them to different users of the project and generate reports of subsequent activity.
File management

Unify management of all records and files related to the project with the built-in project repository.

You can manage the permissions so that only authorized users or customers can view the information relevant to the system.

You can create folders and subfolders to organize your project files efficiently, and so nothing will be left without saving and securely in the cloud.

archive_ collabtive

Collaborative management

With bProject may provide limited access to its partners, employees or even their customers, so they can access the information needed to help control and manage their projects.

With access to customers, you can share project status to a higher control, while you can also allocate the hours of dedication of its associates or employees, and then report and bill.

users_ collabtive