phpList is free and open source software leader toworldwide, for managing mailing lists and news bulletins .

It is designed for the dissemination of information , such as newsletters, news , advertising , to a list of subscribers.

It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store information .

Blist can manage a database online for shipments emails to a large number of subscribers. Managing subscriptions -registration , change of personal data, and unsubscribe – is automated . Subscriptions to one or more lists are made through a subscription page that can be integrated into a website.

The information requested during registration , for example , country of residence , language, date of birth, favorite food, etc. – . Managers is determined by lists may be altered at any time.

This information can then be used for targeted campaigns of mails , ie , shipments may be limited to subscribers who meet certain criteria, such as country or city of residence.

Blist is ideal for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and many other uses for commercial Marketing and managing lists of mass advertising.
(This is different from group mailing list systems like mailman)

With blist not need to install any software on their personal computers, all system management is done through the web, allowing you to work des from anywhere and everywhere, so you can manage your communications with your customers wherever is.

The web system is linked to our self-managed servers by 100% bTactic, something which allows high availability of services and always updated.

With blist you can manage your subscribers directly, distributing in different independent lists, categorized by groups, different languages, etc..

Each subscriber will have its own custom fields or attributes that allow you to customize emails and newsletters shipments names, surnames, and general information about our subscriber.

You can also import all your contacts from Outlook, Zimbra, Gmail, database, etc., to incorporate them directly into their mailing lists, automatically creating the attributes that define in seconds.

You can have thousands of templates for emails and newsletters that can be incorporated quickly and easily for all your marketing campaigns.

You can create your own templates shipping with Blist simple editor, or edit them with your favorite HTML editor and then upload them to BLIST for use when needed.

Charge your predefined images once, and use them as many times as you like. Personalize your shipments to be different.