Costumer Relationship Management is a platform based on known SugarCRM platform, which allows you to manage easily and effectively our relationships with customers.

It is characterized by very agile and intuitive web interface, which allows you to manage information in different tabs on the disposal of its customers, or potential target audience, and all related activities (visits, calls, campaigns, budgets, incidents, etc. )

BCRM not only serves to strengthen our sales network and manage the sales of the company.

We can manage ANY relationship we have with our customers, potential customers or those who do not yet even know they can be.


We all have customers, we need more customers and not lose them.

BCRM helps us monitor and manage the entire workflow and communications with our customers, allowing us to have at all times, and real-time incident status information, projects, files, or any other relationship we have with them.

We can also manage sales campaigns and have all the return of these, to apply directly to our business management.


With BCRM we can manage all our database of customers and accounts, leads, contacts and business opportunities and budgets, with the ability to generate templates for these custom-des your own typical text editor (word, libreoffice, openoffice …)

Efficiently manage relationships with existing clients, through cases modules / system files and incident management to incorporate BCRM.

You can manage and link all management activities or incidents with their customers to improve their service and to assess quickly and effectively shares loyalty.


Generate massive campaigns, phone mail, send newsletter, or otherwise use, through mailing lists segmented from their customers, contacts, leads or prospects.

You can import your listings in excel / csv format and directly adding to your listings for marketing campaigns.

You can evaluate the results of their shipments immediately and clearly, with a calculation of the return of the almost direct investment.


With BCRM you can manage projects you have with your customers, work among business users collaboratively, and manage documents that are generated internally or externally to consult them anywhere.

It has pro project management tasks, Gantt and association emails or tasks to projects, so that they are aware of any detail.


In this section we will manage and record, in a unified way, all the activity we have with our customers and potential, as well as other related efforts, such as meetings, Calls, Tasks, Email or SMS.

In BCRM you can manage your clients regarding, budgeting, management, or any other module with personalized, can be labeled with different categories the same document, to find documents in all situations documents.

Manage versions of documents, templates, or you can easily Merge from documents in their CRM