Build OnlyOffice from source code (2023)

Introduction Onlyoffice is an online Office suite based on Web. It lets you to edit Microsoft Office documents such as docx, pptx, xlsx and other Open Document files such as odt, ods and odp. In our Zimbra and Nextcloud SaaS service we offer Onlyoffice integration in order to view and edit documents. This article shows … Read more

How to enable dual authentication factor in Zimbra (2FA)

With Zimbra, you can set up two-factor authentication, an added security for your Zimbra account. To access your Zimbra account while 2FA is activated, you will need your password and a code created by an app on your smartphone To enable 2FA you will need to access both your Zimbra account and your smartphone to … Read more

Zero day exploit vulnerability issue for Zimbra 8.8.15

A new zero-day exploit has been identified that affects Zimbra 8.8.15. Since becoming aware of the reported vulnerability, Zimbra Engineering has verified the issue and produced a patch (for 8.8.15 p30). Since last week we have been applying the patch to the different Zimbra services that use this version, solving any security problems that may … Read more