In bTactic are experts in software solutions for the enterprise.

bTactic consists of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in corporate environments and Technologies of Information and Communication Technology (IT)

One of the goals is to bring technology bTactic Open Source and Cloud Computing companies and organizations, professionalized them for analysis, design and implementation.

The tools of free software or Open Source is supporting a big community of developers, constantly evolving and improving its functionality.

bTactic as part of this community, and is directly involved in the process of adaptation, parameterization and implementation of software requirements analysis and consultancy carried out to its customers.

Our services are turnkey “are designed to cover a significant portion of the needs in terms of business information systems, minimizing the time of return on investment and facilitating its implementation.

In bTactic speak the language of business, and technological improvement projects turn into success stories.

Be free, be innovative, bTactic

The Team

Picture of Klissmann Rodríguez​

Klissmann Rodríguez​

Customer service and programming

Picture of Eloy Marquez

Eloy Marquez

Customer service and programming

Picture of Joel Ampurdanés

Joel Ampurdanés

CRM programming and development

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