Recreate XFS quotas

Introduction We needed to migrate a big XFS filesystem from one virtual machine to another virtual machine. The original XFS system did have project quotas enabled and we wanted to preserve them. Actually we were not migrating the XFS filesystem but all the system so that meant some key files specific to XFS were already … Leer más

Zimbra Source Code distribution should be improved

Introduction As you might know source code is very similar to a cooking recipe. I’m going to borrow (and adapt) some lines from Free as in Freedom by Sam Williams for describing the analogy: Both program and a cooking recipe provide useful step-by-step instructions on how to complete a desired task and can be easily … Leer más

Notes on debugging fencing agents

I have had recently to debug my fence_ovh agent which I suppose I will update soon.I am writing some notes specifically for fence_ovh. Most of them might be applied also to other fencing agents. If you are trying to develop your own fencing agent these notes might help you. The idea is not to learn … Leer más

Zimbra Desktop based on Google Chrome 0.03 – Windows

Note: This article was recovered from former site and it is quite outdated although as Zimbra has not yet released any Zimbra Desktop version is quite useful for many people. Zimbra Desktop based on Google Chrome for Windows has been updated to 0.03 version. 0.03 version improvements: Uses a custom directory for Google settings … Leer más