Dolibarr ERP/CRM is a completely modular software for business management of SMEs, independent professionals, self-entrepreneurs or associations. In more technical terms, it is an ERP and CRM. It is an OpenSource project that runs within a Web server, making it accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

There is no doubt that Dolibarr is one of the easiest ERP & CRM to use, implement and develop, and it is not us who say it, but 95% of the users who currently manage their businesses, fully trusting it.

You can try our free online solution at:

User: demo

Password: demodolibarrbtactic

Main Dolibarr modules:

  • Initial statistics on the number of users, clients, suppliers, orders, invoices, interventions, etc…
  • List of configurable indicators with warnings in the form of alerts for a set time.
  • Activation of billing panels for clients per month.
  • Activation of supplier invoice panels per month.
  • Activation of customer order panels per month.
  • Activation of last modified orders panels.
  • Activation of last modified budget panels.
  • Activation of last modified invoice panels.
  • Activation of panels of last actions to be carried out (Schedule).
  • Activation of stock alert panels.
  • Activation of open account balance panels.
  • Activation of graphic panels for the distribution of products and services.
  • Activation of customer and supplier invoice panels pending payment.
  • Activation of project panels.
  • Activation of service panels about to expire by contract
  • Activation of panels of recent interventions carried out.
    and much more …
  • Complete management of products and services.
  • Statistics of products and services.
  • Warehouse and product stock management.
  • Transfers and stock movements.
  • Establishment of different price levels.
  • Product replenishment.
  • Categorization of products and services.
  • Shipping and transportation management.
  • Listings and shipping statistics.
  • Creation of delivery notes or deliveries.
  • Batch and expiration management.
  • Creation of groups and product attributes.
  • Complete budget management.
  • Complete management of orders to clients and suppliers.
  • Generation of delivery notes or delivery notes.
  • Management of external users for the display of their exclusive information. (perfect for giving access to clients and saving management time)
  • Workflow between orders and quotes.
  • Order tracking.
  • Management of customer support tickets.
  • Management of budget status, orders (customers), orders (suppliers). 
  • Budget and order statistics (customers and suppliers).
  • Control of periodic customer service contracts.
  • Management of interventions or work parts.
    and much more …
  • System user management.
  • Customization of themes per user.
  • Individualization of the home page for each user (Dashboard).
  • Management of external users for the display of their exclusive information. (perfect for giving access to clients and saving management time)
  • Groups management.
  • Granularity of permissions by groups and users.
  • Users connectivity through LDAP.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Creation of several administrators.
  • Establishment of the costs of an internal user.
  • Setting a user’s schedule.
  • User hierarchy in the company.
  • Determination of the user’s salary.
  • Creation of the email sending signature for a user.
  • Setting a user’s color for quick viewing of their action records in the diary.
  • Display of user’s vacation days.
  • Management of invoices to clients and suppliers.
  • Management of taxes and social charges.
  • Entering salary payments (This is not the same as creating payrolls).
  • Reports on general results, by clients, by products and services, by sales volume, by (commercial) users.
  • Statistics of invoices received and issued.
  • Sales and purchasing journal.
  • Merger of invoices pending payment or partial payment in PDF.
  • Grouping of orders into invoices.
  • Management of bank and other accounts.
  • Management of direct debits.
  • Automatic management of direct debit invoice payments.
  • Workflow with the commercial part (Budgets and orders.)
  • Financial statistics.
  • Sales margins
  • Activation of service panels about to expire by contract.
  • Organization, control and management of company projects.
  • Creation and monitoring of assigned tasks of a project according to the role of the responsible user or participant, that is, internal user to the company, or external.
  • Assignment of external users (such as clients) to a project, so that it can be monitored in real time.
  • Association of entities to the project (budgets, orders, customer and supplier invoices, interventions, etc.), thus, we will quickly analyze everything related to the project.
  • Quick and intuitive vision of the project.
  • Possibility of attaching documents relevant to the project and its tasks.
  • Visualization of the profits or losses of the project according to the entities related to it (client invoices, and supplier invoices for material costs), in addition to the imputations of hours involved by the employees in it.
  • Obtaining information from project members.
  • Simple Gantt chart to obtain information on its status at a glance as an agenda, which will allow us to find out whether the project falls within the expected deadline according to the tasks completed.