Build OnlyOffice from source code (2023)


Onlyoffice is an online Office suite based on Web. It lets you to edit Microsoft Office documents such as docx, pptx, xlsx and other Open Document files such as odt, ods and odp.

In our Zimbra and Nextcloud SaaS service we offer Onlyoffice integration in order to view and edit documents. This article shows technically how to build OnlyOffice from the source code.

In addition to build OnlyOffice it will be modified to increase the default 20 simultaneous connections maximum limit to 99999 connections. It’s similar to an OnlyOffice without any limits. This is possible thanks to OnlyOffice AGPL license that let us to modify it.

This build has been possible thanks to bTactic I+D department.

Build instructions


If you don’t have the technical expertise to build OnlyOffice yourself you can download our built packages from OnlyOffice v7.2.2.56-btactic2 release .

You are also advised to check our many services which include OnlyOffice integration such as Nextcloud and Zimbra. 

(Warning: This package is not an official OnlyOffice build. If you find problems with it do not seek help on OnlyOffice official forums/trackers. In any case do it if you have manage to reproduce them in the original source code or OnlyOffice original binary packages.)

Supported distros

The package should install fine on Debian 11.
The package might also work on other Debian/Ubuntu based distros.


Just use standard documentation on how to install official Ubuntu packages such as:

However do not add OnlyOffice package repository and when you are asked to install onlyoffice-documentserver package you should do instead::

sudo apt-get install /path/to/onlyoffice-documentserver_7.2.2-56+btactic2_amd64.deb

16 thoughts on “Build OnlyOffice from source code (2023)”

  1. With this new version (upgraded with “dpkg -i onlyoffice-documentserver_7.2.2-56-btactic1_amd64.deb”) mobile editor can’t be opened. Error:

    Editor/file is opened if:

    – file is opened with official CE docker image:
    – or this docker image:

    • Can you please copy-and-paste as text the full ‘Cannot GET’ message from your picture?

      Thank you!

    • I have updated the article with a new version.
      If there hasn’t been anything unexpected with the build Mobile editor should work fine now.

      Enjoy and thank you again for your feedback!

  2. The document could not be saved.Please check connection settings or contact your administrator.When you click the ‘OK’ button,you will be prompted to download the document.

  3. Hello!

    The secret key does not work

    Secret key

    Error when trying to connect (Error occurred in the document service: Error while downloading the document file to be converted.)
    SCRIPT12030: WebSocket Error onlyoffice

    onlyoffice-documentserver 7.3.3-49~stretch
    if there is a secret key, there is no WebSocket error
    If you connect without a secret key, the error is SCRIPT12030: WebSocket Error onlyoffice

    When do you plan to make a package for v.7.3.3?
    Thank you very much

    the secret key with such an error solves the problem

  4. Hello,

    I have checked everything once again
    NextCloud, OnlyOffice, computers are located in the same local network without access to the Internet
    When opening files, mainly they are *.xlsx
    It is impossible to edit a file
    It may seem weird but it happens not on all computers but mainly on those which have windows-10 in our organization

    Connection is lost
    Trying to connect. Please check connection settings

    SCRIPT12030: WebSocket Error
    101 sockjs.min.js (WebSocket)
    New version 7.3.3 released
    I have installed onlyoffice-documentserver 7.3.3-49~stretch
    All files are openning and editting whithout loss of connection
    I would be very grateful if you still collect a package for onlyoffice-documentserver 7.3.3
    Please inform us about your decision or intentions

    Thank you

  5. Hi,

    i get always this error:
    installed onlyoffice-documentserver package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

    I tried it on

  6. I’m trying to build this but for a RHEL server, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it so it builds an .rpm file instead of a .deb one.
    Any hints?

  7. Hi! Please, update the version of the OO docker container to 7.4. Additionally, will it be possible to add the possibility to switch off Draw, switcher between read-only and edit modes for the mobile version, as well as the restriction of access to the container and from the container to internet, but only have access to other containers located on the same network? Thanks!


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