How to set up the CalDAV calendars in iOS (iPHONE⁄iPAD)?

1. To configure the calendars with CalDAV we will first go to Settings and look for the setting of Accounts and passwords (names may vary depending on the version of iOS).

2. Press, first, Add account, and then Other. This will open a list with different account types. Press the option, Add CalDAV account.

3. Once chosen, a screen with fields to be filled will open. First, the server (in case of ignorance we will contact our provider). Second, the email address. Third, the password. Finally, the description, where we will introduce a name to recognize it in case we have more than one account entered in the device.

4. Then it will ask us what we want to synchronize. We will select them according to our needs.

5. Finally we will go to our default mail application and note that the synchronized calendars will have been added.

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