SuiteCRM Manual – Central modules – E-mails


The email module in SuiteCRM allows users to view, store, write, send and receive emails from their personal email account or a shared in-box, for example, an Assistance or Sales in-box. Emails can be related to Accounts, Contacts and many more records in CRM.

E-mail actions

You can access the actions of the emails from the menu drop-down menu of the email module or from the sidebar. The actions of the emails are the following:

View my email: It will direct you to your mailbox so that you can see and manage the emails that are displayed / imported into CRM.

Create email template: a WYSIWYG editor where you can create emails by dragging and dropping components, inserting variables and modifying the text without formatting.

View email templates: takes you to the List view page of your existing email templates. This allows you to search and list the records of the email template.

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