How to upload large files in Nextcloud?

When uploading files through the web client, Nextcloud is limited by the PHP and Apache configurations. By default, PHP is configured for only 2 Mega-byte loads. As this default loading limit is not entirely useful, we recommend that your Nextcloud administrator increase the Nextcloud variables to the appropriate sizes for users. The modification of certain … Read more

How to use the federation shared files?

The shared files of federation allow to mount shared files from remote servers Nextcloud being able to create direct links to share with users in other Nextcloud servers. Creating a new federation shared file: Federation sharing is enabled in new or upgraded installations of Nextcloud by default. We will follow these steps to create a … Read more

How to configure the encryption of files on our Nextcloud server?

Nextcloud includes a server-side encryption application, and when our Nextcloud administrator enables it, all of our Nextcloud data files are automatically encrypted on the server. Encryption is for the entire server, so when it is enabled we can not choose to keep our files unencrypted. Its main objective is to encrypt files in remote storage … Read more

How to synchronize Nextcloud Desktop and Nextcloud on Smartphones?

We can keep our files continuously synchronized with Nextcloud Desktop on the computer, and with the Nextcloud application on Smartphones. Both allow you to connect to your Nextcloud server. We can perform any task and keep the contents of those folders synchronized with our Nextcloud server. That way we will always have our last files … Read more

How to configure the Gallery application in Nextcloud?

The Images application has been rewritten and improved, and is now called the Gallery application. It supports more image formats, classification, zoom and displacement. It also supports advanced customizations through a simple text file. On the Nextcloud main screen, we will click on the Gallery icon. Automatically the Gallery application will find all the images … Read more

How to access Nextcloud files using WebDAV?

Nextcloud is fully compatible with the WebDAV protocol, and can be connected and synchronized with your Nextcloud files through WebDAV. In this chapter we will learn to connect MacOS and Windows to your Nextcloud server through WebDAV. Before we start configuring WebDAV, we will take a quick look at the recommended way to connect client … Read more

How to access our files using the Nextcloud web interface?

Through the Nextcloud interface, we can create, preview, edit, delete, share, re-share files among others. NOTE: The Nextcloud administrator can disable these options, if you do not have any of these, check with your server administrator. Tag files: To tag files we will go to the three points that appear in the line of our … Read more