SuiteCRM Manual – Central modules – Meetings

Meetings Like the Calls module, the Meetings in Suite CRM module allows Users to create a record of any Meeting in which they have participated. The Meeting planner allows Users to invite attendees, send guests, set reminders, reschedule and interact with other modules, including an Account, Contact, Project and many other Objects. This module has … Read more

SuiteCRM Manual – Central modules – Opportunities

Opportunities An opportunity is a qualified sales prospect with a likely chance that you can do business with your company. It has established that they have purchasing power and have entered the purchase cycle. This module allows you to track your Opportunities along the Sales Channel. Opportunities Actions You can access the Opportunities actions from … Read more

SuiteCRM Manual – Central modules – Contacts

Contacts In SuiteCRM, a contact is an individual that is typically associated with an account (organization) or opportunity (qualified prospect). This module contains all the information related to these individuals and also provides an advantageous position for any history related to a contact record, for example, if they were involved in a meeting, raised a … Read more

SuiteCRM Manual – User interface – Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications Enable desktop notifications You can enable desktop notifications by accessing the ‘Advanced‘ tab within your user preferences. This will enable desktop notifications only for that browser on that computer. You can choose to enable desktop notifications only for that browser session or for always. NOTE: Users will have to enable desktop notifications on … Read more