How to share folders in Zimbra?

1. To share any folder to another e-mail, we will first access the account in which this specific folder is located. Press right click on the folder you want, looking for the Share Folder option. 2. Once clicked, the folder sharing menu will appear, where we can choose the account to which we want to … Read more

How to use the Zimbra template system?

1. To manage the e-mail templates for Zimbra (Zimlet email templates) we will go to the post editor: New message. We will access the Templates section located in the options bar next to Send, Cancel, etc. Next we will click on the Preferences in the drop-down. 2. Once in the configuration press Set Templates Folder, … Read more

How to install Zimbra Desktop?

1. To download and install Zimbra Desktop on our PC we will go first to the following link: Once the link is opened, a page like the following will appear, where we will select the  Download according to the operating system that we have. 2. Once downloaded, we execute the installer and the following … Read more